Start Using ScamBlockPlus For Businesses

How To Get The Free 2 Weeks ScamBlockPlus For Businesses Trial

We are very happy to see you here.

It is very easy to install the extension and to define the premium key.

Before starting the trial period, we need to verify your company and your email.

To get started please do the following:
From your business email account, send us the following email:

[email protected] (our contact email)

Requesting 2-Weeks Free Trial (just copy & paste)

Should specify your: name, title, and organization.

After sending the email please give us some time (a few hours)
to verify your organization.

The reply to your email will include a preimum-code,
that will enable up to 75 users from your organization to
use ScamBlockPlus for free for 2 weeks.

After The Trial Period

Near the end of the trial period you will receive an email from us
requesting you to pay for a montly/yearly subscription with PayPal.

If you decide not to use ScamBlockPlus in your business, just ignore the
email and stop using the extension when the trial period is finished.